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Title: Old Times They Are Not Forgotten (released in 1995)

Label: Diamond Anniversary Editions

Date: August 30, 1976, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, 8:30 PM

Sound Quality (Concert): * * * * * / * * * * * +

Concert Rating: * * / * * * * * +

Tracks: 1.Also Sprach Zarathustra 2.See See Rider 3.I Got A Woman 4.Amen 5.Love Me 6.If You Love Me 7.You Gave Me A Mountain 9.All Shook Up 10.Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 11.And I Love You So 12.Jailhouse Rock 13.Fever 14.America The Beautiful 15.Introductions 16.Early Mornin' Rain 17.What'd I Say 18.Johnny B. Goode 19.Introductions 20.Love Letters 21.Introductions 22.Hail Hail Rock 'n' Roll 23.Hurt 24.Hound Dog 25.Heavenly Father ( Kathy Westmoreland) 26.Mystery Train / Tiger Man 27.Can't Help Falling In Love 28.Closing Vamp

Elvis: He probably just woke up and seems very tired. He hardly hits the right notes and sounds as if he is about to die.

Highlights: Probably the only single highlight from the whole concert is America The Beautiful. Though it is much worse than always.

Review: This concert was recorded in 1976 and shows us how endless tours killed Elvis. His voice is weak in almost all songs, he tries to joke but nobody understands his jokes. Only a deaf man canít hear that this concert is terrible. This is something not to be said about the sound quality. It is outstanding even by todayís (September 2007) standards.

You can hear how weak Elvis is during See See Rider already. Often this song is an indicator of how the show is going to progress and this is actually the case There are some equipment problems and as he says to the engineer: "Just wait a minute. Wouldn't' you mind to come up here on the stage for a second? We just have the sound. Can you hear the "Bum"? What? Just move it to one side? Well, you're fool..." and I Got A Woman begins. One more version, that's how I call it... before the instrumental in the end of the song Elvis jokes: "I feel like a chicken with it' head cut off..." Quite a suitable remark, unfortunately. Love Me is another throw-away version. If You Love Me already has lost all the power of the 74 period - nothing special here.. You Gave Me A Mountain is sung from the heart, but it doesn't make the king's voice more powerful. Next two numbers are really weak... In And I Love You So Elvis tries to do the best he can but again he doesn't reach the target very good. Jailhouse Rock is better than the preceding 50-s classics, but still not being good enough. Fever is a long and boring version. America is a real highlight of this concert! Elvis was a real patriot and he sings this song really good! After the end he says: "Let's do the last part" and the band does. Introductions are almost like always. Elvis also asks James Burton to play the guitar on the back of his head, James probably does it. After the introduction of David Brigs Elvis says: "The first time David and I worked together, it was his first recording session, we did a song called Love Letters. Hope I'll do it..." and he sings. Not as great as the studio version, but still good. Hurt is pretty weak this evening. Hound Dog begins with jokes but then Elvis does it, his voice is really bad on this version. After that Elvis asks Kathy Westmoreland to sing a song. She does a great job on it. After the song he admits: "It's hard to follow, you know what I mean? So, so, ok, let's do mystery train" and they do... Again, a weak performance. Can't help... isn't worth the words I would write here - it's just like always.

Saying in the words of a book of the Wests, "Elvis. what happened?" He is really weak, what else can I say? Yes, it's very interesting to hear Elvis on stage, but in 76-77 he really had to make a stop. If he had done that, he also probably would still be alive... Recommended for good sound quality hunters and real collectors only. BTW, the sound and package are the only positive sides of this release.

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