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Elvis somewhere in the 50-s in his early career


December 1960 Hollywood, CA


December 31, 1975 New Year's Eve Show in Pontiac


July 19, 1975, Elvis with his girlfriend leaving JFK Hilton Hotel for his evening show in Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY


May 1, 1975, Atlanta, Georgia


June 22, 1974, Providence, Rhode Island


November 1958, in the period of maneuvers in Germany


Summer of 1969, probably, July. Elvis and Priscilla talking to Frank Sinatra at a party. To their right is Fred Astaire


June 10, 1975, Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis kidding with J.D. Sumner

J.A.T. Publishing


November 14, 1970, backstage before the afternoon performance at the L.A. Forum, Los Angeles, California.


May 29, 1977, Baltimore, Maryland


July 5, 1976, Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee


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